Decisions, decisions

It seems like deciding who to marry is an easy choice,  compared to the non-stop string of decisions that follow.

With a ring on your finger, suddenly things you had absolutely no interest in (chairs,  flowers, hair accessories) become part of The Big Day, a reflection of you, your relationship and your future. 

Everything seems to take on the wedding capital letter curse – The Dress, The Cake,  The Honeymoon.  The word ‘investment’ gets thrown around like overpriced confetti.

My usual criteria for decision making (how much? is it nice?) is no longer enough. 

There’s no handy price comparison site to tell me I’m getting a good deal on my dress. Nobody wants to talk about how much their wedding cost and most vendors hide prices behind frilly images and promises (threats) that without this diamond encrusted card box your wedding will  be a sham and you might as well get divorced now.

This blog isn’t going to be about budgets as such, just me navigating the wedding decision maze and sharing thoughts along the way.


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