pay to shop?

During my wedding dress search I’ve noticed a few things. Moving swiftly on from the homogeny of all the dresses and assumption that everyone wants to look like a fairy princess… Why are bridal shops only open at such limited times?

In my slight panic about finding a dress before the end of the year I’ve ended up paying £25 just to get an appointment with a a shop that I can go to on a Sunday or evening. In what other stage of life would you have to pay to be allowed to look at stock at a time convenient to the vast majority of the population?

Further proof that you add the w word and all sense flies out of the window.

If you’re looking for a dress how did you manage to do so without paying for the privilege or booking months in advance?



Anyone else a real procrastinator?  We had our lovely save the dates made in August and they’ve been sitting in the wedding box ever since.

First we had to get our website up to scratch and I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  We used Appy Couple – I’m sure our friends and family won’t be checking our app daily,  but I think it will be really helpful nearer the time. I’ll review the whole Appy Couple experience after the wedding, but so far I’m impressed. 

That done the save the dates are out in the world – we’ve started getting app requests which is quite exciting too! No going back now….

This weekend we sorted out our accommodation for the wedding night,  a definite wedding splurge!  We also did some boring wedding admin and bought wedding insurance – hopefully it will go unused but as the wedding is the biggest purchase we’ve ever made it’s worth the money just in case.

Finally,  we booked our photographer – separate post to follow on what was a tricky decision for the photogenically challenged!